About us


The Comedy Generation is an organisation that currently perform and hosts comedy, trivia and special events across six venues. Since 2019, this has included our premier partnership with The Brewery with sold out shows inside their beautiful Banquet center.


TCG has been the go to company for stand up comedy in Townsville since 2011. We sign up Townsville's newest talent at our regular comedy open Mic's under the banner of Bust a Lung. We showcase Townsville's favorite comics under the banner of Hump-Day Comedy and Bullswool Comedy Showcase, famous for its roast battles. 


The Comedy Generation presents is our flagship brand hosting professional comedic acts such as Akmal, Kinne, Tripod and many more national and international artists.


Our organisation fosters a vast range of local talent boasting among their ranks; two Raw Comedy winners, Wildcards and several state and national finalists.


Currently we manage events at six venues; The Kirwan Tavern, The Heritage Exchange,

The Centenary hotel, The Commonwealth Hotel, The Bellevue Hotel and upstairs at The Brewery. We offer comedians and hosts for a wide range of events, charities or corporate performances. This has included sell out performances at multiple venues and in the big top and Spiegel tents at the 2018 festival and Townsville's inaugural Fringe festival.


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The Owners


Lewis Doolan is a producer-comedian who took over the reigns of The Comedy Generation in 2016 producing shows for and performing with Sean Choolburra, Tripod and Troy Kinne. Lewis performed a one-person show "Eggs, Hammocks and Toothbrush Swallowing" at the 2019 Northern Fringe Festival. Over the years, Lewis has worn many other hats including: Firefighter, Actor, Moulage Artist and has appeared in short films such as "The Departure Lounge". Is there anything he can't do? Probably knitting...

Lewis Doolan - Co-Owner

Photography - Sonia Warrell (2019)


Laurence Page is a producer-comedian who has had the opportunity to perform for Akmal Saleh, Peter Rowsthorn and Bob Franklin. He founded The Comedy Generation in 2011 because he saw that nobody was performing comedy or indeed, living, in Townsville. After 4 years of producing, in 2015, Laurence performed his first one-person show Stop the Bogans. He also hates writing in the third person...

In 2020, this pair are back with a team of ten producers, room runners, creative designers and brainy boffins that make the math work. all dedicated to  Townsville's greatest comedy organisation!


Laurence Page - Co-Owner/Founder

Photography - Sonia Warrell (2019)