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About us

Here's what Tripod said about their 101 Hits gig with The Comedy Generation

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The Team



'The Comedy Generation' is an organisation that has been performing all over Townsville & recently in Cairns for the last four years. In that time, professional acts such as Akmal Saleh, Tripod and more have performed in association with us, as well as our organisation fostering for a vast range of local talent. Currently we manage performances for three venues: The Kirwan Tavern, The Heritage Exchange, The Cen Ten and are currently looking for a fourth. We also offer comedians and hosts for other types of performances. To find out more, please contact us.

The Owners

Lewis Doolan is a producer-comedian who took over the reigns of The Comedy Generation in 2016 producing shows for and performing with Sean Choolburra, Tripod and Troy Kinne. . Over the years, Lewis has worn many other hats including: Firefighter, Actor, Moulage Artist and has appeared in short films such as "The Departure Lounge". Is there anything he can't do? Probably knitting...

Laurence Page is a producer-comedian who has had the opportunity to perform for Akmal Saleh, Peter Rowsthorn and Bob Franklin. He founded The Comedy Generation in 2011 because he saw that nobody was performing comedy or indeed, living, in Townsville. After 4 years of producing, in 2015, Laurence performed his first one-person show Stop the Bogans. He also hates writing in the third person...

In 2019, the pair are back co-managing Townsville's greatest comedy organisation!

Lewis Doolan - Co-Owner

Photography - Sonia Warrell (2019)


Laurence Page - Co-Owner/Founder

Photography - Sonia Warrell (2019)